Friday, 17 May 2013


Restaurant Europea
Collage by Anjali
My sister always wanted to try Europea, so we went there for her birthday dinner. When we called in to reserve, we were told that the table can be set for a maximum of 8 people per table but we called in to request for 9. Although they were hesitant at first, they still agreed to do so. Another of our friends also decided to join us last minute and we had once again asked them to find a spot for her and surprisingly, they did.  

Once the seating issue was resolved, we finally ordered! Many of us (including me) ordered "Étude sur le champignon," while others ordered "Poulet au foin" and "Bison".  Click here to view the menu. Some of us didn't eat all the items (pork chiThe food was presented in a creative manner. They brought cheese sticks in a cigar box; an appetizer in a book-like box, which you open and smoke comes out.. What a wonderful experience! 

Collage by Amber

Overall, the food was okay but we still had a great time. It's definitely a restaurant to go to for the experience. Lucky for all of us, it was our first time there, so it was all new to us and we were eager to see what they will bring next. It cost me about $60 with tips.

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