Friday, 22 November 2013

Portovino Ristorante (Brossard)

Portovino Ristorante (Brossard)

I went to Portovino Ristorante for my birthday dinner with a couple of friends. 

Click here to see all their dinner menu. Most of us ordered "Manicotti Farciti Con Formaggio Ricotta E Spinaci" It was okay. I wasn't able to finish it.

One of my friends got Grilled Double Chicken Breast. She found it a little dry and asked the waiter to bring her some sauce.

My favorite part were desserts. We got: crème brûlée banana-nutella, crème brûlée and chocolate mousse. All of the desserts were delicious (click here for their dessert menu). My friends wanted to bring in a cake, but the restaurant didn't allow it.

Overall, I had a good time but I didn't really enjoy my food. The desserts made up for it though. However, I'm most likely not going back. I might try their other locations in future but not anytime soon.

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