Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Deville Dinebar

Deville Dinebar

I finally got a chance to try out Deville Dinebar. I went with four of my good friends and was surprised to see how it busy it was on a Monday night (good sign indeed). We were lead upstairs to our a semi-circular booth table and personally I found the table small for 5 people but we were able to hang our jackets next to our table, so it wasn't that bad.
Our waiter was nice and helped us out with the menu (you can view online here). Since I eat halal, my choices were limited to seafood and vegetarian dishes. I decided to go for the Blackened Cajun Salmon along with one of my friends and we were really happy with our meal. It was the right portion (I finished most of it) and of course I wanted to save some room for dessert. I got the banana cream pie and it was okay..I wasn't in love with the crust of the pie, it was was too filling but the cream was light and tasted good.  
What we got:
Main Dish:
  • Blackened Cajun Salmon
  • Maple Glazed Rotisserie Chicken
  • Chop-chop salad
  • Vegan Burger

  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Chocolate Milkshake 
Overall,  it has a nice ambience, good food and service. We all really enjoyed! It was a little pricey... I paid about $50 with tips (blackened cajun salmon, banana cream pie and shirley temple).  

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