Saturday, 13 July 2013


Restaurant Zyara

We celebrated my best friend's birthday at Zyara. We were about 12 people. We went on a Saturday night and it was quite busy.


They have a variety of appetizers and main dishes. You can view their à la carte menu on their website. 
They offer tasting menu, which includes a number of cold and hot mezzas, coffee/tea, dessert. It's a great option if you want to try a bit of everything. 
Halal: Our waiter confirmed with the kitchen that some of the menu items were halal, so it's always best to ask them before ordering.

Food is served...
Half of us opted for the tasting menu, while the others (myself included) ordered from their à la carte menu.  
I got fattouche salad and kafta. The salad was really good! The crispy bread on it tastes amazing! I love it! As for the kafta, it was good but nothing special.
As for the people who chose tasting menu, they were overwhelmed with all the food. They really enjoyed it but they couldn't finish it! So much good food all at once!  

Our waiter was very nice! He really helped us out with the menu and answered all of our questions. It did take some time to get our food but we were a large group, so it's reasonable. 

Lounge (shisha and tea)
After dinner, we shifted to the terrace where we smoked shisha. The lounge is beautifully decorated and it's so cozy.

***UPDATE: May 19th 2014

I went back to Zyara recently and reserved the private room for dinner.
Few things have changed: 

    • Shisha: They don't have the regular shishas anymore. Instead they have "electronic shishas" that don't have nicotine. I still haven't tried it but I'm planning to do so in the summer.
    • Halal: Now, everything except lamb chops are halal. I'm so happy about this!

Here are some recent pictures of the restaurant itself, private room and lounge:
Main Dining Area
Private room


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