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Menthe et Couscous

Menthe et Couscous

I went to Menthe et Couscous for a friend's birthday dinner on a Friday night. We were about 12 people. We did reserve so they arranged a table for us. There were many people but it wasn't too busy either.

The waitress informed us there was a special where we can basically get a lot of variety of items and share it. It was about $30 per person and most of us chose this sharing menu and we got a lot of people.. a lot of meat! The waitress confirmed that the meat was halal, so I was happy about that. Here's what we got:

  • Salad 
  • Pita bread with Wine Dip & Moussaka
  • Royal Couscous 
  • Tajine (chicken, merguez & lamb)
Aside from the wine dip, I tried everything. My friends did try the wine dip and they didn't like it at all. Moussaka was really good! I loved it! It was a little tangy and sweet, which I love! I ate it with the pita bread. The salad was okay. 
Wine Dip

Then they brought 2 Couscous platters with lamb, chicken, merguez and vegetables and 3 tajines (chicken, lamb & merguez). I haven't seen this much couscous on a platter! We weren't able to finish it. I didn't really enjoy the food. I like it when the meat is nice and tender but this wasn't. In fact, the carrots & zucchini weren't tender either. 

I was really excited for tajine but it was okay. It was much better than the couscous platter but then again, the meat wasn't as tender as I expected it to be. 

Chicken Tajine
Merguez tajine

You can bring your own wine or beer. My friend & I brought sparkling juice since we don't drink, while the others brought wine bottles. 

We had a lot of fun at this restaurant surprisingly. We were too busy with our conversation and I was very comfortable with my spot. We left a little before the restaurant closed (midnight). I like how the restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere. It's a a great spot to go dine out with friends. The only thing we were missing is shisha. They had some shisha for decor purposes but not to actually smoke it. They also have belly dancers on Saturdays but we went on a Friday, so there wasn't any. 

To end off our night, we each got tea and we really enjoyed our tea. It was very soothing. 

Overall, we had a great time even though the food wasn't all that great. It did give most of us the chance to try out the tajine for the first time. The service was good! Our waitress was very nice and helpful! We didn't wait too long to get the food. The restaurant space is small and their washroom isn't that clean but the atmosphere is the winner here. I might not go back simply because I didn't enjoy the food that much but I have no regrets trying it out. I paid about $40 for my meal plus taxes and tips. 

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