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Fenêtre Sur Kaboul

Fenêtre Sur Kaboul

May 11th, 2014

I love Afghan food and there aren't many Afghan restaurants in Montreal, so when I found out about this one, I just had to go! I went on a Sunday evening with a friend and had no problem finding parking (less than a minute of walking distance to the restaurant).


I liked the dining area. It was nice and spacious with beautiful interior. I saw a kite, some of their cultural clothing on the walls and other elements representing the Afghan culture. Most importantly, I felt comfortable dining there. We got a table by the window and it was a nice spot, a little secluded from other tables. 


Menu is available on their website and Facebook page (see photos below).

Halal: The waitress confirmed us that the meat is halal and it's written on their online menu as well.

Photo from Fenêtre Sur Kaboul

Photo from Fenêtre Sur Kaboul

  • Soft Drinks
  • Coffe or Tea
  • Mineral Water
They don't serve alcohol but you can bring your own wine

  • Creme Rohls
  • Baklawa
  • Rasmalayii
  • Shiryakh
  • Firnee

They start off by bringing some Afghan Bread with butter, two sauces (both a little spicy) and some pickled vegetables. The green sauce was made out of mint. It tasted a lot like how my family makes it but more spicy. 


I was about to get Mantou (my favorite) but it didn't come with rice, so I opted for their Curiosity main dish. If it's your first time trying Afghan cuisine, then this is perfect for you because you get to try out a variety of things. I took this because it was my first time there and I wasn't sure if I would like their food. 

This is what it came with: bolani, ashak, mantou, quabuli, chapli kabob and Salat e Afghani (salad)


Their manto was a little different than what I'm used to eating. I love mantou especially my best friend's mom's mantou. Theirs was still good.


I don't think I've ever tried Ashak before but I loved it. It was delicious! It had more flavour than their mantou but it wasn't spicy, which I absolutely love! The meat sauce on top was juicy and complemented well the rest of the dish. That's one of the main reasons why I preferred their Ashak more than their mantou.


Chapli Kabob (beef) was good but spicy. However, it did have a nice flavor to it. 

Chapli Kabob

Quabuli: Rice with raisins, carrots and pistachios. It was pretty good! There wasn't any meat but I ate it with the chalpi kabob and it tasted great. 


I really like bolani (ok I pretty much like almost all of the Afghan dishes except the grilled items lol). I love how their bolani was cooked. It was soft and tasted so good! 


It came with Salat e Afghani (salad), which is basically chopped cucumber, onions, tomatoes, coriander, mint leaves and lemon juice on top. I love this salad! I usually make it at home. There wasn't much salad on our plate but it was good enough. I like starting off with salad before a heavy meal like this one. 

Aside from the salad, here's a list of the items in order of preference ("1" being my most favorite):
  1. Ashak
  2. Bolani
  3. Quabuli
  4. Mantou
  5. Chapli Kabob
I'm glad I took this because I know what to get next time I go there. I'm most likely going to order Ashak as my main dish! It's my favorite dish from there!


After our meal, we were asked if we wanted to be seated in the tea lounge for tea/dessert and I'm glad we did because it was such a nice cozy area. I love the ambience and it's so relaxing! There isn't any shisha but if ever you're looking for a spot just for dessert and tea/coffee, then this is it. 

    • Creme Rohls
    • Baklawa
    • Rasmalayii
    • Shiryakh
    • Firnee

I got the Moroccan Mint Tea, which was so soothing! I'm so happy I got it! I love drinking tea especially after a heavy meal.

Last but certainly not the least... I got Shiryakh and OMG it was amazing. It tasted a lot like ice cream that I have tasted in Pakistan and I immediately fell in love. They make it from scratch, so that's probably why it tastes this good!

I'm so happy I discovered this restaurant. I'll definitely go back. Yes, it's a little pricey but it's totally worth it! 
Food: Their food overall was very good and I love how they use fresh ingredients. You can literally taste the quality of the food. I've only tried one dessert and I fell in love. Can't wait to try their other desserts! 
Service: I love their service! Our waitress was very sweet and helpful! We didn't wait too long for our food and they kept on checking up on us. They were all very nice and welcoming! 
I've already started telling some of my friends to go there next time. I'd love to go back and try their other desserts very soon. I want to try out their creme rohls next time!


Update - July 5th

I went back with my sister and 3 of my close friends. We were all impressed with their food! I kind of had a pressure because I was introducing this restaurant to them but I was relieved to hear they were all happy with their food.

Some of us were fasting, so they brought dates, which was nice. I like breaking my fast with dates and usually carry it with me but I had asked them beforehand and they said they provide them.

My sister and I decided to get a couple of things to share. Here's what we got: bolani (appetizer), ashak (appetizer) and manto (main dish). This worked out great for us!! We were both very satisfied and full by the end of our meal.

Mantoo (top) and Ashak (bottom)

Two of my friends shared the following: Curiosity and Ashak and they were quite satisfied with their meal. I actually got this when I first went there and it gave me a chance to try out a variety of things. I'm glad I did because I was easily able to make my decision this time. 

One of my friends wanted a vegetarian dish and she seemed to have found the right one: Tarkari Chalow. Although I haven't tried this, it's a great vegetarian option and I love that it provides a variety of items: salad, rice, spinach, eggplant, okra. My friend really liked it!

Tarkari Chalow

Tea lounge

After our meal, we headed to the tea lounge and got dessert and tea. I actually saved some room for dessert because I love their Shiryakh, so I got that along with Moroccan tea just like last time. I wanted to get creme rohl but ended up getting shiryakh. 

My sister got Baklava and it was good. 

My friend got Ras Malai and she said it was good as well.

All of my friends got Moroccan tea and they really liked it. The waitress suggested 3 kettles for 5 of us instead of 1 kettle each and I'm glad we did that because the tea was more than enough for all of us! 

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