Friday, 1 August 2014

Suite 88 - Chocolatier

I've always wanted to go here and I finally went with my sister. When we first walked in, we got distracted by all goodies (chocolate, gelato, cakes). 

The menu was on the board. After deciding what to get, we ordered and paid at the main counter. 
My sister and I each got Green Tea (Jasmine) and waffle with 2 choices of gelato. 
Click here to view their online menu (available on their website). 

Gelato Flavors: They had a couple of gelato flavors: vanilla, praline, mango, fudge, mango, ginger, watermelon, orange, chili chocolate, etc.

After placing our order, they told us to be seated and they would bring us the food to our table. 

Their tables were quite small but we had 2 tables stuck together, so it wasn't that bad. 

We were sitting by the window and we got the view of outside. Most of the people were seated outside. 


First, we got our tea... Can't go wrong with jasmine tea!

Belgian Waffles

Then came our belgian waffles! They were small but so filling! We weren't able to finish them. My sister and I should have shared one.

Something didn't work with me. I found the waffles too sweet but my sister didn't, which is weird because I'm much more of a dessert person than she is. She didn't choose 2 flavors of gelato though. She only had praline, while I chose praline and vanilla. The praline one complemented the waffle better than vanilla. In my opinion, only one scoop of gelato is better especially since the waffle isn't that big. 

Waffle with 2 scoops of gelato (vanilla and praline)
Their service was good too! We didn't wait too long to get our food. I really wanted to love their waffles but sadly I didn't. I'm going to give it another chance and get the waffle without gelato next time.

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