Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kanda (Pointe-Claire)

Kanda (Pointe-Claire)

I was craving for shrimp tempura and so, I decided to go to Kanda (Pointe-Claire) with my friend. I've been to Kanda many times before (Pointe-Claire location as well as Brossard and Decarie) and I've always enjoyed the food. 

What we got (click here to see their online menu.. you might not get the items we got at all times): 
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Jumbo Garlic Shrimp (kitchen "A")
  • Shrimp Tempura (kitchen "A")
  • Vegetable Tempura (kitchen "A")
  • Salmon Teriyaki (kitchen "B")
  • Salt & Pepper Shrimps (kitchen "C")
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Caviar/Flying Fish Caviar (maki)
  • Avocado (maki)
  • Spicy (maki)
To start off, we had seaweed salad, which is a little sweet but tastes so good. 

Then, we got salmon sashimi, spicy maki, avocado maki and flying fish maki. There were 2 soy sauce bottles (the one with green lid had less sodium but alcohol as one of the ingredients while red one didn't have alcohol.


Then, they brought the tempura, salmon teriyaki and jumbo garlic shrimps. 

Shrimp tempura tasted great as always. So crispy and delicious! The vegetable tempura were okay. I was hoping that the salmon teriyaki would be a little sweet but it wasn't (we ordered another one without the sauce). The shrimps were good.

But then I tried salt & pepper shrimps.. so delicious! It was flavorful! I really liked it! I will definitely get it next time I go there.

Finally, I ordered Mango ice-cream. They had other choices too (Red bean, vanilla). It was okay, nothing special.

Overall, the food and service were good. Our waitress was nice and we didn't wait too long to get the food. They have a fast service. It's definitely worth the price especially since you got a variety of things you can choose from. We didn't eat much even though we went on empty stomach. That's mainly because we stuffed ourselves with the filling stuff like shrimp tempura or salt and pepper shrimps. We avoided ordering a lot of sushi because they charge $1 per uneaten sushi.
I paid about $31 for buffet, sprite, tips and taxes. 

This is the menu we got (we went on a tuesday evening):

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