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I went to Atma for dinner with a friend. It wasn't my first there but I went there after 4-5 years..

It was very busy, so we had to wait for our table but there is a small area next to the entrance, where you can sit and wait until your table is ready. While we waited, we checked their online menu to save some time.

Finally we got a table next to the bar and a waiter took our order...  

What I ordered:

  • Shahi Paneer
  • Samosa Chaat
  • Shirley Temple 
What my friend ordered
  • Lamb Karahi 
  • Pillau Rice

First came the Samosa Chaat (appetizer)... I usually love Samosa Chaat but this was okay.. It wasn't spicy, so I was happy about that but it wasn't sour at all. It didn't have that sweet/tangy flavor to it, so I was a little disappointed but my friend really liked it.

Then came our food.. My shahi paneer was good (a little sweet but I don't mind it).. It reminds me a lot of the shahi paneer at Tandoor Bellevue. 

My friend really liked the lamb karahi. It actually looked very good... The meat was nice and tender.

I really like the decor of this restaurant and the intimate settings.. I like how there is space between tables even though the restaurant itself isn't that big. They have this area upstairs, which is very nice. Years ago, we reserved 2 tables there and it was so comfortable and nice. I would recommend it but the only thing I don't like is the fact that the menu was fixed for everyone.. Not sure if it's still the same.

Overall, it's a nice restaurant with a nice ambience and good food. As for the service, we did have to wait a bit to get our food but it's normal considering the fact that it was busy. I paid about $30 with tips and taxes.

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