Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Château Kabab (West Island)

Château Kabab (West Island)

I've been going to Chateau Kabab (Downtown) for so many years especially when I was a student at Concordia University. They recently opened one in West Island. I've been here before and it's one of my favorite Halal restaurants! I definitely prefer this location over downtown one because it's much nicer.

I was in the West with a friend. We wanted to go to my favorite Afghan restaurant, Aryana, but it was closed. So we decided to go to Chateau Kabab...

We went on a Monday around 5 PM, so we weren't surprised that it was empty. The waiter brought us the menu and we took some time to order. We couldn't decide what to take. Everything looked so good (see full menu here).

The dishes we took came with choice of soup or salad. I took Zereshk Polo with soup and my friend took Lamb Shank with Okra with salad (I can't find it on their online menu).

The lentil soup was okay. I wish I had taken their salad because their salad dressing is so good! I really enjoyed my main dish though. I didn't like Zereshk (barberries), so I put them aside. I poured some gravy on the rice and ate it with the chicken.. It was delicious! I really enjoyed my meal!

I tried some of my friend's lamb shank and it was even better. I'm definitely getting this next time I'm there. I normally don't like lamb but I just loved how nice and tender this was. The gravy had some okra in it, which added more flavor. I actually took some of this gravy to eat with my chicken. 

Overall, this restaurant has delicious food, nice dining area and good service. We left satisfied! I paid about $17 (taxes and tips included). 

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